ON DEMAND: 2020 Virtual Annual Conference


November 10, 2020 2:00 PM to February 28, 2021 11:59 PM
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ON DEMAND Edition: Annual Conference & Exhibit Show

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Keynote with Chef Jeff 

Known around the world as Chef Jeff, Jeff Henderson is an award-winning American chef, critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling author, philanthropist, television personality, and highly sought-after leader in personal and professional development. Known for his dynamic teachings and powerful story of personal transformation, Jeff illuminates audiences with proven, high-impact strategies that empower change, inspire fulfillment, and motivate millions to live the lives of their dreams.



ON DEMAND: 2020 SNAM Virtual Annual Conference Agenda 

KEYNOTE with Chef Jeff 

Presenter: Jeff Henderson

60 minutes


Mental Health Track:

  • How Having Fun at Work Easily Translates to A Positive Customer Experience!

In this session we will discuss multiple ways to have fun while in and out of the kitchen. While showing you ways to get your customers involved to increase a positive customer experience for them and your participation. Let’s start Having FUN!

Presenter(s): Mike McKay, SMART Systems

33 Minutes

  • Leading in Stressful Times

As much the current crisis may make us want to run and hide sometimes - now, more than ever, we cannot lose sight of the importance of consistent, strong leadership. Discover how to hone your leadership skills now and into the future, even in these challenging times.

Presenter(s): Leander Rabe, Hulings and Associates L.L.C.

30 Minutes

  • Quick, Easy Meals to Nourish Yourself Through Times of Stress

Are you at the end of your rope and feeling burnt out at home and the workplace? Child Nutrition Professionals are well equipped for flexibility to respond to administrative and customer demands, but no one could prepare us for the frequent pivots needed to navigate COVID-19. The only thing we can control is how we respond to daily challenges. Rising to the occasion, it’s time to set ourselves up for success with good nutrition, physical care, and mental health awareness. Join us to discuss sustainable nutrition strategies for being your best self to continue serving your staff and students. You’ll walk away with some great recipes along with food for thought as we continue to walk through the unknown.

Presenter (s): Alison Powers, JTM Food Group

41 Minutes

  • Self-Care in Today's World

Good self-care is crucial and impacts every other area of our lives, whether we realize it or not. With all that’s happening in the world around us, not to mention our own crazy lives, it’s both more important and more difficult to give ourselves the care that we need to be our best selves. We will discuss how having the right tools and a positively focused mindset, make it possible to provide the self-care that we need in order to better care for others and thrive rather than just survive!

Presenter: Stephanie Altom, Joyful Progressions

61 minutes

  • Stay Mentally Healthy

In these times, it’s so important to manage our mental health. Learn strategies and practices to help focus on your own well-being.

Presenter(s): Erin McKay, M.A. LPC, Adolescent Behavior Health Services

10 Minutes

Local Foods; Food Distribution Track:

  • Cooking Clinic with Chef Jeff Henderson

Learn from a nationally renowned chef as he demonstrates how to make awesome meals in your kitchen utilizing the standard ingredients common in a school food service program.

Presenter(s): Chef Jeff Henderson

30 Minutes

  • Serving Meals in Hybrid Models: Where to begin and options for growth

From simple cafeteria style meal service, serving meals in the classroom to multiple meal distribution options, where do you begin? Find cooking equipment and service options that will enhance your meal service, keep food safe and tasty during your hybrid meal plans and beyond.

Presenter(s): June Altom, South Haven PS; Teri Karcher, Acosta; Chad Lundsford, Winston Food Service; Cassie Lorch, Oliver Quality; Debi Havens, Norris

42 Minutes

Farm to School:

  • Cultivate Michigan Sourcing Guide: Overview and Tutorial

Take a deeper dive into this handy guide designed to make it easier for schools to purchase more local, seasonal foods.

Presenter(s): Mariel Borgman and Garrett Ziegler, MSU Extension

12 Minutes

  • Farm to School: Connect with Your Local MSU Extension Educator

Farm to school is still growing in Michigan and MSU Extension Educators around the state who can help you get started or go deeper with your local food purchasing efforts.

Presenter(s): Abby Palmer, MSU Extension

10 Minutes

  • How Food Hubs Can Support Your Farm to School Efforts

Learn more about food hubs and how to connect with hubs in Michigan to meet your local food sourcing needs and goals.

Presenter(s): Noel Bielaczyc, MSU Center for Regional Food Systems

10 Minutes

  • How to Join Cultivate Michigan

Cultivate Michigan is the local food purchasing campaign of the Michigan Farm to Institution Network. Learn how to join this effort that helps farm to institution programs grow in Michigan!

Presenter(s): Zaire Parrotte, MSU Center for Regional Food Systems

10 Minutes

  • Sourcing Local Foods through Winter: Tips, Information, and Resources for Sourcing Local All Year Long

You can purchase local foods for your school food service programs all year long! Learn how with these tips and resources.

Presenter(s): Garrett Ziegler, MSU Extension

17 Minutes

  • 10 Cents a Meal 2018-2019 Evaluation Results

Food service directors participating in the 2018-2019 year of 10 Cents provided feedback about the program and its outcomes and impact through evaluation survey results which are presented here.

Presenter(s): Colleen Matts, MSU Center for Regional Food Systems

14 Minutes

  • Local Food Purchasing at Michigan Schools: 2019 MEGS+ Survey Results

Learn about the latest results of this tracking effort of local food purchasing at Michigan schools.

Presenter(s): Colleen Matts, MSU Center for Regional Food Systems

12 Minutes

  • Tracking Local Food Purchases Through Cultivate Michigan

Cultivate Michigan helps institutions track their local food purchasing progress. Learn about 2018 tracking results, including for seasonal featured foods and purchases by 10 Cents grantees.

Presenter(s): Colleen Matts, MSU Center for Regional Food Systems

15 Minutes


Financial Track:

  • Communicating the Business of Child Nutrition

Sharing your successes, challenges, financial realities, roadblocks, and plans is critical - especially now!  This session will guide you in creating a communication tool that can be used to tell your story to your business manager, superintendent, and/or school board.

Presenter(s): Jean Ronnei and Janelle Peterson, Pro Team Service Advisors

33 Minutes

  • Measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPI): More Important Now Than Ever!

No doubt you are reeling from change and uncertainty these days, but understanding your numbers now is critical. This session will guide you on which are the most important measures and show you how to use the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN) tools to better manage your program

Presenter(s): Jean Ronnei and Janelle Peterson, Pro Team Service Advisors

40 Minutes

  • Leverage Your Commodities Entitlement

Are you leaving money on the table when it comes to your commodities entitlement? Not maximizing this resource can really affect your program. Learn how to ensure you’re accessing and utilizing your commodities to the full extent. By addressing this issue, you can go a long way to making your program stronger financially.

Presenter(s): Kevin Crampton, HPS Services and Janelle Peterson, Pro Team Service Advisors

54 Minutes


MDE Track:

  • At Risk Afterschool (ARAS) Program

Beyond the Bell- Feeding Children After the School Day. 

Presenter(s): Lynn Cavett- Michigan Dept of Education

7 Minutes

  • CEP, Universal Free Breakfast, and Eliminating Reduced Price Meals: What's Best for Your District?

Many families are hit hard during the pandemic, learn ways to feed more students for free and grow participation in school meal programs. The financial impact of these programs will also be discussed.

Presenter(s): Mindy Grant, No Kid Hungry/Michigan Dept of Education

30 Minutes

  • Excess Fund Balances

Excess Fund Balances: Invest in the program, meal quality and equipment.

Presenter(s): Brenda Sweatman, Emily Mattern- Michigan Dept of Education

35 Minutes

  • Fiscal Reporting When Nothing is "Normal"

Learn specific information on the appropriate coding and allowability for the Food Service Fund during the pandemic. In addition, record keeping during the madness will be covered.

Presenter(s): Aimee Haapala, Heather Holland- Michigan Dept of Education

30 Minutes

  • Food Supply: USDA Foods, Farm to School and 10 Cents a Meal

Learn about current food supply issues and how using USDA Foods, Farm to School and 10 Cents a Meal programs can help with food shortages and cost concerns.

Presenter(s): Jaime Malnar, Deidra Tyrrell- Michigan Dept of Education

12 Minutes

  • Is this apple a half cup?

How to use USDA's Food Buying Guide

Presenter(s): Emily Mattern, Michigan Dept of Education

35 Minutes

  • MDE Lightening Round

Grant Writing; Meal Quality; Backpack Programs and School Pantries; Data-What is available?

Presenter(s): Melissa Lonsberry, Emily Mattern, Liana Bennett, Sara Herman, Viki Lorraine- Michigan Dept of Education

30 Minutes

  • Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) and What We Learned about Student Data

Listen to a short story about the importance of accurate student record data and how it helped feed thousands of children.

Presenter(s): Melanie Brummeler, Michigan Dept of Education

15 Minutes

  • Pandemic Response and Meal Distribution: Potential Impact on Fund 25

Program and financial staff from the Office of Health and Nutrition Services will discuss operational, contractual, food supply and fiscal impacts on Food Service during the pandemic.

Presenter(s): Melanie Brummeler, Jaime Malnar, Tammy Saul, Stacey Lamper McfFall, Lynn Cavett- Michigan Dept of Education

45 Minutes

  • Serving Super School Meals

Meal Pattern and Meal Quality

Presenter(s): Melissa Lonsberry, Emily Mattern- Michigan Dept of Education

48 Minutes


Virtual Exhibit Show Presented By: 

From The Show Floor is the first k12 On-Demand video library where food service operators can find episodes of their favorite vendors that are accessible for viewing anytime during our virtual conference. See below for our participating vendors. 


$149.00 Member: Virtual Conference with recorded sessions and virtual food show "From the Show Floor"

$199.00 Non-Member Rate: Virtual Conference with recorded sessions and virtual food show "From the Show Floor"