SNAM's Mission

"Be the primary resource that empowers our members to advance good nutrition and promote healthy lifestyles for Michigan children."

We are the state affiliate of the School Nutrition Association (SNA), a non-profit professional association representing 60,000 members involved in the school food service industry. SNAM represents over 1,600 food service personnel in Michigan. Membership in both organizations is open to persons engaged in school food service or related activities in public, non-public schools, and colleges and universities.

Message from President

Hello SNAM Members!

I hope your holidays were filled with joy and kindness and that you find yourself safe and healthy. As we enter this “COVID Winter” my new years wish for you is that you continue to find the sunshine and seek the warmth of those around you to help you get through what I worry will likely be a long winter.

It’s been over 8 months since this pandemic began and while I’m sure you’re feeling the strain of all this work and what feels like daily changes to all that you know, I want you to be sure to take a moment and celebrate all that you have accomplished during a very difficult time. Because of you, over 100 million meals have been served while school were closed to in-person learning. Because of you, children did not have to wonder where their next meal will come from. Because of you, families have a little extra boost to help them through this pandemic.

One thing that is for sure, it hasn’t been easy. You have braved staff shortages. You have braved the elements of Mother Nature. You have dealt with your own fears of this virus while also handling the fears and inappropriate behaviors of those visiting your distribution sites. Some of you have contracted the virus yourselves and recovered while others have lost someone they know and loved. To say it hasn’t been easy is sure putting it mildly.

As we enter this new year with renewed hope that life will find a new sense of normal, businesses and schools will soon reopen, and we will be able to spend time with those we love again, my hope for each and every one of you is that you are able to seek out the sunshine in this experience and share that with those around you. Look for the smile on a child’s face as the meals are packed into their trunk. Look for the sense of thanks and relief in a mom’s eyes as they know feeding their children is one less thing they will have to worry about today. Look at your co-workers who are on the front lines with you and share in the joy that you can do this great work. And know without a doubt that your friends and partners at SNAM have found that sunshine in you. You are our everyday heroes. You are making the difference in the lives of a child today and every day. Thank you for allowing us to walk alongside you and share in that sunshine. Thank you for being amazing.

Diane Golzynski 

Office of Health & Nutrition Services
Michigan Department of Education