Statewide Training Program for School Nutrition Professionals

100 — Introduction to School Food Service (10hrs.)

Provides an overview of meal requirements, regulations, and production records.

Key Topics: 1100, 2100, 2210, 2300

105 — Introduction to School FS/Nutrition (4hrs.)

Newly formatted class providing an overview of school foodservice and nutrition facts and dietary guidelines.

Key Topics: 1100, 1300, 2100, 2210, 2300

130 — Sanitation and Food Safety (10hrs.)

Understand Michigan Food Law 2007, foodborne illnesses, requirements for providing safe and sanitary equipment, pest prevention, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.  Required for School Nutrition Association (SNA) certification.

Key Topics: 2600, 3200

133 — Prometric Review (2hrs.)

Prepare to take Prometric examination.

Key Topics: 2600, 3200

131 — Prometric Examination (2hrs.)

Meets the Certified Professional Food Manager requirement of Michigan Food Law 2007.  Accredited by the American National Standards Institute, it may be accepted as an alternative to ServSafe®.  Check in advance with the local sanitarian. 

132 — ServSafe® (12hrs.)

ServSafe® is a food safety certification program sponsored by the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation.  It meets local, state, and national certification requirements. (exam included)

Level 1 Certification & Key Topics: 2600, 3200

134 — ServSafe® Examination (2hrs.)

The ServSafe® food safety and certification program is recognized by more jurisdictions than any other manager food safety program.  ServSafe® Review is recommended before the examination.

136 — ServSafe® Review (2hrs.)

Prepare to take the ServSafe® examination.

Key Topics: 2600, 3200

143 — Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace (3hrs.)

Learn about conflict, how individuals handle it, causes and values, characteristics of conflict resolution styles, and ways to practice more effective skills for listening and building rapport.

Key Topics: 3200, 3400, 4100

151 — Weights, Measures and Meal Production Records (3hrs.)

Learn the essentials of kitchen math and how to properly fill out a production record.

Key Topics: 2100, 2200

152 — Skills for Preparing Quality Meals (3hrs.)

Learn a variety of kitchen skills that will help you in the preparation of quality meals.

Key Topics: 2000

153 — Standardized Recipes (3hrs.)

Understand the uses, differences, and advantages of standardized recipes.

Key Topics: 1100

154 — Culinary Techniques I (3hrs.)

Learn to correctly store, prepare, and serve quality fruit, vegetable, legume and seasonings components.

Key Topics: 2000

155 — Culinary Techniques II (3hrs.)

Learn to correctly store, prepare, and serve quality meat, grain, sandwich and soup components.

Key Topics: 2000

160 — Michigan Farm Fresh Skills (4hrs.)

Participants will be trained on receiving, storing and preparing Michigan Farm Fresh Produce. Get hands-on training for knife skills and other culinary techniques using recipes that have been successful.

Key Topics: 2000

161 — Knife Skills (3hrs.)

Become acquainted and adept with the most classic and important of chef's tools, and your time in the kitchen will be transformed. In this hands-on class, you'll hone basic knife skills and practice fundamental.

Key Topics: 2000

180 — Nutrition 1 (10hrs.)

Learn essential nutrition facts and understand the dietary guidelines for Americans.  Required for SNA certification.

Level 1 Certification & Key Topics: 1300

190 — Meeting Children’s Special Food and Nutrition Needs in Child Nutrition Programs (3hrs.)

Understand the laws and regulations that require accommodations for feeding children with special food and nutrition requirements.

Key Topics: 1160

265 — Marketing School Meals (10hrs.)

Learn how to evaluate your customers and competition. Practice techniques while developing a marketing plan for a school or district.

Key Topics: 1220, 2200, 4100

268 — Developing a Marketing Plan (3hrs.)

Develop a district or building level marketing action plan for school meals.

Key Topics: 1220, 4100

415 — Introduction to Financial Management (4hrs.)

Get an overview of financial principles for child nutrition programs to help you understand the financial outcomes of your operational decisions.

Key Topics: 2400, 3300                                   

480 — Menu Planning (8hrs.)

Learn the shortcuts, requirements, costs of various menu designs and menu planning skills. Recommend prerequisite: 180 or 280.

Key Topics: 1100