SNAM Marketing Champion for Statewide Training

School Nutrition Association of MI

Job Posting
Dec. 1, 2017

Marketing Champion for Statewide Training

Job Responsibilities

1. Attend all SWT Meetings: Train the Trainer and SNAM SWT meetings

2. The following updates will be given at every meeting:

  • Classes scheduled

  • Number of participants by class

  • Area classes were held

  • Evaluations Summary – Positive and Negative

3. Summary of Contacts reported to Statewide Training Chair monthly

  • Feedback – positive or negative

  • Why and why not, hold a class?

4. Maintain Contact Template for Calls and Email

5. Work with SNAM Administrative Assistant to add messages on SNAM Social Media

6. Keep SNAM SWT page updated and current.

7. Create Promotional Materials to encourage Statewide Training Classes, Membership, Workshops and district specific training events.

8. Presents a professional image of SNAM while working with School Districts, prospective members and other organizations.

9. Other Duties as determined to enhance and elevate the image and usage of SWT.


1. Strong written and verbal communications

2. Must be dependable, enthusiastic and possess a positive attitude.

3. Minimum of 2 years Management experience

4. SNAM SWT class experience preferred, either attended or taught.

5. Statewide Training Committee or SNAM Board involvement is also preferred

6. Perform at a high level with minimum supervision

7. Demonstrated ability to work in a diverse environment.

8. Must be a current SNA/SNAM Member

Measurable (Benchmarks)

1. Monthly review with SNAM SWT Chairperson.

2. Increase classes held quarterly by 5. Must be completed classes and have 60

   Participants total.

3. Increase potential Instructor Base by 2 – Application in Progress

4. Must actively work 7 hours per week – Have a monthly spreadsheet of time spent.


Form 1099 Contracted Salary will be a monthly Stipend of $500

Send resume to Whitney Haughey at

Contact Information:

SNAM Office



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