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Share Your Story in Washington DC!

Let SNAM Share Your Story with Michigan's Legislators

In March SNAM members will be attending SNA's National Legislative Conference (LAC) in Washington D.C. to represent Michigan School Nutrition Programs.

LAC is where SNA members, allies and advocates come together in force and united in the mission to share their stories and help shape national policy relating to school nutrition.

SNAM members will serve as lobbyist for a day and visit personally with Federal lawmakers and share their passion, expertise and stories during LAC’s annual “Charge to the Hill!"

Complete the attached profile sheet & block grant calculator for your school district* so we can SHARE YOUR STORY! Return a completed copy by email to before March 2nd.

Use SNA's Block Grant Calculator to see an estimate of funding cuts to your school nutrition program.  Return a completed copy by email to before March 2nd.

  1. Complete the green fields.
  2. Part one shows immediate loss of funds to your program. 
  3. Part two shows percent decrease in funds over three years.
  4. Part three shows the cumulative losses over three years.

*Be sure to use the address for your school district, you can find what congressional district your school is in here!