Statewide Training Program for School Nutrition Professionals

100—Introduction to School Food Service (10 hrs.) Key Topics:1100, 2100, 2210, 2300

105—Introduction to School FS/Nutrition (4 hrs.)  Key Topics:1100, 1300, 2100, 2210, 2300

130—Sanitation and Food Safety (10 hrs.) Key Topics:2600, 3200

133—Prometric Review (2 hrs.) Key Topics:2600, 3200

131—Prometric Examination (2 hrs.)

132—ServSafe® (12 hrs.) - Level 1 Certification & Key Topics:2600, 3200

134—ServSafe® Examination (2 hrs.)

136—ServSafe® Review (2 hrs.) Key Topics:2600, 3200

143—Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace (3 hrs.) Key Topics:3200, 3400, 4100

151—Weights, Measures and Meal Production Records (3 hrs.) Key Topics:2100, 2200

152—Skills for Preparing Quality Meals (3 hrs.) Key Topics:2000

153—Standardized Recipes (3 hrs.) Key Topics:1100

154—Culinary Techniques I (3 hrs.) Key Topics:2000

155—Culinary Techniques II (3 hrs.) Key Topics:2000

180—Nutrition I (10 hrs.) - Level 1 Certification & Key Topics:1300

UNDER CONSTRUCTION 190—Meeting Children’s Special Food and Nutrition Needs in Child Nutrition Programs (3 hrs.) Key Topics:1160


265—Marketing School Meals (10 hrs.Key Topics:1220, 2200, 4100

266—Marketing School Meals (4 hr segment) Key Topics:1220, 2200, 4100

267—Marketing School Meals (3 hrs segment) Key Topics:1220, 4100

268—Developing a Marketing Plan (3 hrs segment)Key Topics:1220, 4100

415— Introduction to Financial Management (4 hrs.) Key Topics: 2400, 3300

480—Menu Planning (8 hrs.) Key Topics: 1100


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Rewards and Recognition for Successful Completion!

Successful course completion requires:

  • Attendance and completed assignments
  • 70% or more on post-test
  • 75% or more on ServSafe® test

Participants receive:

  • A letter and wallet sized card after completing each course.
  • A certificate and lapel pin to mark each level of accomplishment for 50 hours of Statewide Training.


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